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Hi, I'm Cindy Sue!

Confidence coach, business consultant, podcast host, speaker, mom + founder of the Self Design AcademyTM

     I 'm known for coaching that is:

  • accelerated

  • research-driven

  • fun

     Clients receive:

  • clear restructuring of capabilities

  • hands-on M.A.P.s of self-esteem

  • physical empowerment for tough goals

Want access to my best

trainings + guides?

Cindy and her whole program is amazing! Cindy really knows her stuff, and she is in tune with intuition. She has great tools and knowledge to deepen understanding and application. She is patient and allows people to move at the speed they are ready for. I have been able to clarify my dreams and goals, and she helps make sure I honor who I am and follow my intuition well. I've learned success begins with clarity and understanding, which is definitely happening through all I have learned in her program. I am so grateful for Cindy teaching me in her wisdom and gifts!

~ Tyrie B.



"Cindy Sue is a superb training professional. Within a few minutes of listening and participating, you feel your possibilities expand while she takes you on a journey of confidence and passion. She accelerates results with her fast-paced, goal-oriented approach. I highly recommend her. 


~Staci W.

Do you feel like your feet can't move towards what you want to do?

Want to build your confidence but don't know where to start?

Being confident is more than just the proverbial "fake-it-till-you-make-it." That may fool others, but it won't fool you. You deserve to have actual hands-on, literal tools of "confidence power." Today.

I can help. My Master's is in Learning and Leadership. Through my years of coaching, I have put together an amazing assortment of training into one package with all the tools, M.A.P.s, and coaching you need to uncover why you can feel confident without faking it.

(For only $27!)

I've seen transformation. And it's exciting. Click the button to discover. You deserve this.

I want confidence.

Please show me more.

Just imagine one year from now