What are your bold dreams?



Ours big goal is to carry to the world this urgent message . . .

Each person is significant.

That's why we have a newsletter.


It is free and has very different, exciting purposes.

The newsletter will offer "Tips" and share research with exciting ways how to build big dreams and achieve boldly. This newsletter exists to teach how to support your dreams.


The newsletter also offers a "Street Team" section that will let you see classes, new books, etc., before the world does! You'll be able to vote on new book covers before the world sees the book, give opinions about which workshops are needed most, share your thoughts through surveys on inspirational messages, etc. (As a member of the Self Design AcademyTM Street Team, you can make a big difference in helping our message move worldwide that each person matters and is capable of great things.)


You may sign up today. We welcome you. Remember how much you matter. We value your dreams because we know you can make a difference in a way that no-one else can. Welcome to the Self Design AcademyTM family!