Transformative Coaching

It's like a sudden flash of light, a bolt of understanding clarifying the dark and woody landscape of life.


You sense a desire to move forward in your life, to be big, bold, and unafraid. You no longer want just to talk about dreams and goals. You choose to move forward. You want to speak. You want to write your book. You want to self-design your life the way you were meant to live.

You have sensed a

clarion call for change

You are ready for transformation

Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.

"Cindy Sue is a superb training professional. Within a few minutes of listening and participating, you feel your possibilities expand while she takes you on a journey of confidence and passion. She accelerates results with her fast-paced, goal-oriented approach. I highly recommend her. ~Staci Whiting


Your own senses, gifts,  and intuition deserve to be recognized. Your passions and desires for good - so distinctive to you - deserve to be shared. Your unique talents deserve to be seen. 


Welcome to the Coaching of

Cindy Sue Bezas, MS


The world is waiting for you. Are you ready to step into a more profound role than you've ever before filled? If so, you are in the right place.


Transformative coach Cindy Sue is not just some coach who has recently hung out her "shingle" and opened shop. Her Master's and Bachelor's focused on transformative learning, nurturing sudden sparks of change through developing research-based training programs.


In fact, in addition to her focused studies, she has spoken across the nation at conferences, private trainings, and seminars and has been recognized as a mindset expert. Her work has been influential in leading others to fantastic experiences of growth and change for more than two decades.


"Everything Cindy Sue says makes us feel good!"

~ Kenneth G. Robbins


While it is true that her clients love her and they feel enriched after coaching sessions with her, she isn't just loving and nice. She actually applies clear techniques with invigorating expectations. It is this research-based approach that causes such expansive growth and personal discovery in others. Her clients find the experience invigorating, challenging, and well-worth the investment.



Are you ready for true change?


Do know this. Cindy Sue does not work with just anyone. She is particular about which clients she takes on. The good news is: It's not about how polished you are right now. It's about how seriously you want to change. Here's how she decides who she takes on. And it's best put in her words:


"What matters are two things: desire and

willingness to experience movement."

~ Cindy Sue Bezas


It's true. It's not how big and bold or brave you are right now (those important "3 B's," she likes to call them).


Those "3 B's" are what she gives you, helps you discover, encourages you to develop during the coaching process. Think on this: Your dreams are worth you finding your own personal B's!


The willingness to try!


Your growth will astound you as Cindy Sue teaches you the simple steps of greatness (which are for more stress-free than other coaches might let on).


It starts with one easy survey below...


Enjoy answering the short questions below.  And then contact Cindy Sue through the link at the end. Aren't you curious to see what plans you can make to achieve your dreams? Woot!



Here 'tis!


Ponder the following questions as quickly as you can. Note which response seems most like you (it may not match completely). Write it down on a piece of paper. Trust it. The first response is usually the most organic.


1. When I am excited about something, I usually:

* Share it with the world

* Write about it

* Feel it bubbling up into creation (painting, music making, singing, etc.)

* Dance in the kitchen


2. When I am sad about something, I usually:

* Find release with other people

* Read a book

* Lose my sorrows in the arts by writing a song, knitting, etc.

* Eat in the kitchen or elsewhere


3. When I am really frustrated, I usually:

* Grit my teeth

* Write in my journal, allowing my anger to bubble up through the words

* Scan books on my shelves to figure out what to do

* Sit in the kitchen staring out the window


4. When I was a kid, my biggest dream was....

(add it to the other responses you've written down)


5. A piece of advice - one of my hardest I've had to learn - is...

(write this response also)



While you're typing your answers there, enjoy a sampling of the serenity music Cindy Sue has composed and shares with clients.

Clarity births baby diamond lights to

illuminate an otherwise dark life.

~ Cindy Sue Bezas