Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says, "I'm possible!" ~ Audrey Hepburn
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"Once you choose hope, anything is possible."

Christopher Reeve

Cindy Sue Bezas, M.S., is the President and Founder of the Self Design AcademyTM, a division of Cindy Sue International, LLC. With a passion for coaching clients to confidence and transformation, she has spent the past 20+ years bringing students and groups to "ah, hah!" moments.


A dynamic speaker, business consultant, and personal coach, Cindy Sue inspires audiences and individuals to break through thorny issues that stymie forward movement. She has been published in multiple books and online, and her newest book, Show Me the Evidence: Making Change Stick, is scheduled for release late 2020.


Cindy Sue's experience on stage started early. She has performed on television and toured during her college years in the United States and appeared as a featured soloist in Europe. She has acted professionally, done film work, voiceovers, and written stage productions that have been produced in various locations. She also has gigged as a professional musician, and her solo piano CD, A Time For Ana, has been used for crisis moments and meditation. 


Cindy Sue speaks across the United States and has shared the stage with many notable individuals, including:


  • Elizabeth McCormick (UN Meritorious Service Medal recipient and seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, etc.)

  • Loral Langemeier (featured in the movie The Secret and on CNN, CNBC, The Street TV, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel-America's Nightly Scoreboard)

  • Bill Walsh (venture capitalist and CEO/founder of success education/business coaching firm Powerteam International)

  • Sharon Lechter (26-times New York Times bestselling author, including as co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad)


Her Master's and Bachelor's studies focused on transformative pivot points for organizations and individuals, leveraging key protocols to transform toxic thinking into the coveted space of "I can, and I am". In other words, she is a mindset expert and knows how to coach people to confidence.

Cindy Sue has overcome much, including ten concussions. In an effort to help other concussion survivors and families, she launched the podcast, Concussion: There IS Hope, ranking in the top 40 podcasts in mental health.


Cindy Sue's heart-most desire is to bless the world one community at a time through her accelerated consulting, coaching, and programs developed. Businesses, community programs, and individuals all benefit from research-driven discoveries that build confidence in self and each other.


Cindy Sue exuberantly declares, "Anyone can change. Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere." Using research-based protocols, she is known for her straight talk and "Evidence Is What Matters."


You too have so many options of greatness for you! And now that you are here, you have even more!


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Cindy Sue Bezas, M.S.

It's not what you are that is holding you back.

It's what you think you are not.

Let's change that!

~ Cindy Sue Bezas, M.S.