At the Self Design AcademyTM, We Believe in Your Right to Create!

That's why we're giving you a sneak preview of classes we are preparing to launch. Soon the green buttons below will go live with all the details. Sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss the grand opening with prizes and freebies and webinar information!

Below is a tiny taste of what soon will be many courses available for your personal and professional enhancement...

The Confidence to Write Books

Have you thought about writing a book? Is it written yet? If it isn't, coaching will show you how to get the book out of your head and onto paper. 

And once your draft is completed, then what? If you're willing to apply yourself, the pathway all the way from finished manuscript to published book can become clear.

The Confidence to Speak

One of the classes we're most excited about offering is our "Confidence to Speak" series. We will be teaching:

  • the power of posture to engage hormones necessary for feeling confident when in the presence of others

  • developing your speaker's platform

  • structuring a speaker's business

  • finding the network of opportunities for speaking engagements

(Soon our newsletter will launch, and when you sign up, you'll be first to know when classes go live. You'll love our "Build Your Speech TED-Style" free webinar!)

Dealing with Anxiety

It seems more people are dealing with anxiety and depression now than in any other time in history. While there are many reasons, what matters most is knowing the researched and proven techniques that can lower the side effects of anxiety or despair. This research-based class - developed by a mental health counselor - will give hands-on techniques for times when anxiety or discouragement strikes.

(This subject is near and dear to our hearts. Many of our classes will be teaching resiliency, balance, and emotional strength. Our soon-to-come newsletter will tell you how you can receive a free webinar that teaches a daily mindfulness practice that lasts no more than 3 minutes. Woot!)

We are excited for all that awaits you. So many cool things to learn. Check out the newsletter to know when these begin!

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